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MFL & International Links

Our Partner Schools

Vauxhall Primary School has established links with two schools and is in the process of starting a new link with a third.

Ecole Elementaire des Epinettes, Paris in France

Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas D. Manuel I, Tavira  in Portugal

Colegio Público Pedro Vilallonga Cánovas, Badajoz in Spain


European Day of Languages

Children researched on European countries, their languages and cultures based on resources provided by the EU Commission and wrote a letter to French and Portuguese partners asking about their countries.

Each class from KS2 focused on a country and the PE sessions were based on sports created in Europe.

Children invited speakers from the French Embassy and the EU Commisiion to make a presentation about their countries and the importance of speaking different languages.We concluded the project celebrating the European Day of Languages and each calss made a presentation based on their research.


Learning Maths through French

Children to count and solve mathematical problems in French.
Children learn how to describe calculations (addition, subtraction and multiplication) in French, solve word problems in French and create new problems to be sent to the partner school for their penpals to solve.

Children will be sent similar word problems from their penpals to be solved in the class.



Children to exchange information on their local/traditional celebrations across the academic year and send photos of their work to their partner school, e.g. São Martinho (Portugal), Winter Fayre, Christmas, New Year, Carnival (Portugal), Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Vaisakhi, Santo António, São João and São Pedro (Portugal), Summer Fayre.


Sainsbury's Active Kids Challenge

Six-week competition - each week there are four challenges to complete, including game, skill and food activities.

To connect actions with the modern foreign languages being taught in school and to follow instructions in French.

To describe the project to the French school and send photos and outcomes to that partner school.

Ask French school to describe some of their PE activities and children to compare PE activities and outcomes.


Internationalism in School

Children to find out how many pupils in class come from different countries and where.

Children to put together a selection of music, dance, food and art of some of the countries they are from.

Children to send a letter to their partner school asking for similar information about their partner school.

Children to compare the number of languages spoken in each school.

Children to create a school display based on information given by the partner school and compare with our school.

Children to invite dance groups from Brazil, Spain and Arabic countries to perform in a school assembly.

Children to prepare, record and disseminate presentations on the scool website.

Children to cook crêpe suzette for the all school.



Children to communicate on individual basis with their partner schools using postcards, letters and emails. At a later stage children to communicate via skype as well.

Children to describe who they are, their class, their school and local area.

Children to exchange information about hobbies and cultural activities throughout the year.

Children to exchange information on traditional celebrations, e.g. Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Spring, other Festivities in June


International School Partnership Visits

Class teachers to visit partner schools in France and in Portugal.

To investigate a partner school and the educational system in France and Portugal.

To increase knowledge of the languages, culture and history of France and Portugal.

To have a unique inside into a wider variety of teaching practices, ideias and styles.

To exchange information and knowledge with colleagues from partner schools.

To assess school partnerships and to plan the next stage of the partnership for the following academic year.

To share information on local areas and local history and culture.