WELCOME TO VAUXHALL PRIMARY SCHOOL and the wyvern federation

I welcome you to the Vauxhall Primary School website and would like to thank you for your interest. Vauxhall is a school that educates two hundred and twenty children aged 3 – 11 years old in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Vauxhall is one of four schools that are connected under the Department for Education’s Federation arrangements.  The aim of such collaborations is for schools to jointly focus on the achievement and care for all of the children, and find ways of working together to secure efficiencies and successes.

Each school has a distinct identity, with its own curriculum, learning environment and programme of enrichments.

The vision and values of the Federation are:

  • The Federation aims to provide every pupil with the opportunity to succeed academically.
  • The Federation will provide a range of enriching activities that promote enjoyment, develop interests and nurture talent.
  • The Federation has an unrelenting focus on the attainment and progress of every child.
  • The Federation is committed to equality of opportunity for pupils, staff and all stakeholders.
  • The Federation will ensure all pupils feel safe, protected and cared for.
  • The Federation is committed to promoting a sense of community through promoting inclusion, stability, British values and making a positive contribution to the locality.
  • The Federation drives success for all pupils through collaboration that is effective and efficient in respect of pedagogy, personnel, resources, administration and leadership. 
  • Decision making is always in the best interests of the pupils.

I look forward to any future involvement you may have as parent, colleague, visitor or friend of the school.

Christopher Toye

Executive Headteacher


Part of the Wyvern Federation